Project DASH

Through Project DASH, we power delivery on behalf of food banks and pantries, community action agencies, and other social impact organizations.

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Impact Since 2018

5M Deliveries 5M+-Deliveries-2 5M+-Deliveries



Corp - DDI - 80M meals 80M+-Estimated Meals


Estimated Meals

Corp - DDI - Hours Saved 3M+-Estimated Hours Saved by Recipients


Estimated Hours Saved by Recipients

Why Project DASH?

Deliveries facilitated by Project DASH help people get the food and other essential items they need more conveniently, more accessibly, and without stigma.

  • "Home delivery is now a permanent part of serving our neighbors and it has increased access in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. When we were looking for a delivery partner, we needed a company who had the experience to go from the food bank to our neighbors’ doorsteps. DoorDash is committed to serving the communities they're in and providing their expertise at a very reasonable cost. DoorDash has been an incredible partner in our home delivery efforts and they ensure our neighbors get the food they need, when they need it."

    Marcos Gaucin, Chief Programs Officer, St. Mary's Food Bank

  • “Partnering with DoorDash allowed us to serve food deserts in rural communities. Our food bank’s truck pulls up to a parking lot, and Dashers quickly pick up and deliver food boxes so West Virginia families can have healthy groceries they would otherwise have to travel up to 60 miles to get. Project DASH’s ability to provide access to some of the farthest reaches of our state has made the difference between people going hungry or not.”

    —Gabri Schoolcraft, Communications Officer, Mountaineer Food Bank

  • “Pennsylvania seniors experiencing food insecurity face many challenges including transportation barriers, carrying a heavy box to their home, and the stigma associated with asking for help. Even after the pandemic, we’ve seen the need increase and senior hunger continue to rise. Project DASH has made it easier for seniors to accept help while still emphasizing dignity.”

    —Sheila Christopher, Executive Director, Hunger Free Pennsylvania

  • "Being healthy isn’t just a medical diagnosis. It’s about having the necessary tools to create a foundation for long-term health. Project DASH has helped us provide Medicaid enrollees with the food they need to support a healthy lifestyle and reduce or prevent disease so they can live a longer, more fulfilling life."

    —Alice Hudson, Support Services Program Manager, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

  • “DoorDash has been like a best friend that you can always call. When a volunteer has been unable to make it in due to illness, etc., they have been right there to help ensure that everyone gets fed. When we need to deliver extra meals for a holiday, they are right there to help."

    —Amanda Fowler, LaPorte County Meals on Wheels

Project DASH Across the U.S.

This map displays cities where at least 50 Project DASH deliveries have originated to date.

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How It Works

Partner organizations determine who receives deliveries, when deliveries will take place, and where the distribution site will be. Dashers transport items from the distribution site to the destination, and recipients receive updates via text message throughout the process.

Project DASH Partners Include

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