Grow your brand by reaching high-intent consumers

Discover new customers and increase sales with advertising solutions from DoorDash. 

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Grow your brand with DoorDash Marketing

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Consumer brands

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands can boost visibility for their products throughout the DoorDash app across 100K+ retail stores.

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Enterprise restaurants

Enterprise restaurants with 125+ locations can reach consumers looking to discover and order from new restaurants and cuisines. 

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Small business restaurants

Small business restaurants with under 125 locations can create Promotions and Sponsored Listings in the Merchant Portal to reach new customers. 

Join leading brands advertising on DoorDash

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Convert active shoppers into loyal customers

Get noticed

Expand online reach

DoorDash reaches an estimated 94% of the US population — enabling brands to target audiences.

Attract New Customers

Attract high-intent shoppers

Reach 32M+ monthly active consumers shopping on DoorDash with in-app ads and promotions.

Drive more sales

Drive more sales

Connect with consumers at moments that matter most to drive incremental sales and increase market share.

Why advertise with DoorDash?

DoorDash ad tools are built to help brands and restaurants launch and optimize data-driven  campaigns that convert and lead to sustainable business growth.

DoorDash Sponsored Ads and Promotions are pay-per-engagement, so you’ll only pay for results. Make every dollar count and get more campaigns out the door with easy setup and ad campaign management.  

Build campaigns in minutes, monitor ongoing performance, and perfect your ad strategy.

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