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Reach the growing portion of DoorDash's 32M+ monthly active users shopping for convenience, grocery, pet, and alcohol items.

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CPG brands, meet DoorDash’s loyal shoppers

70-90% of customers are incremental to our grocery and convenience partners' businesses.

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Expand your brand’s reach
across 100K+ retailers

Showcase your brand to millions of engaged consumers — over 99% of our US consumers have access to grocery, convenience, or alcohol retailers.

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Drive incremental sales and find new customers

Discover and convert new audiences — on average, Sponsored Product campaigns drive approximately 70% new-to-brand customers.*

Get useful data

Maximize return on ad dollars
with closed loop reporting

Directly attribute ROAS and use data to optimize campaigns to hit goals. On average, Sponsored Product campaigns drive 4.1X ROAS.*

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Advertising products built for flexibility

Highlight your brand across the consumer path to purchase.

Sponsored Products

Launch product-specific CPG ads in minutes to increase visibility and capture demand at point of sale. Only pay for clicks and measure directly attributed sales. Use our self-service Ads Manager platform or work with our API partners Pacvue and Flywheel.

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Incentivize conversions, drive trial, and build consumers’ baskets with promotions. Offer shoppers promotions on a collection of curated SKUs or brands and amplify with in-app merchandising.

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Activate brand campaigns in-app and highlight promotions at relevant points throughout the consumer’s digital experience. Drive awareness and optimize campaigns through audience targeting and dayparting.

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Alexia Levine

"Our ad campaign with DoorDash was extremely successful in boosting sales and increasing basket size. We continued to see an increase in baseline item sales (+7% the month following). We’ll definitely be running more campaigns like this."

Alexia Levine, DoorDash Partnership Lead, Unilever

Unilever and DoorDash teamed up to make Mother's Day a little sweeter

Unilever took advantage of a high traffic moment on DoorDash to drive ice cream sales during a unique celebratory moment – Mother’s Day. Explore some of the top results.

  • 37% increase in item sales during the promotional period

  • 19% increase in average number of items per order (AOV units) during the promotional period

  • 23% new-to-merchant customers and 49% new-to-brand customers

  • 5.9X total campaign ROAS

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Frequently asked questions

After getting onboarded and setting up your account, log in to the DoorDash Ads Manager and set up a campaign. New advertisers can get started by contacting the DoorDash team here. Or, reach out to your account manager for support if you’re already an active partner.

Use our self-serve Ads Manager, or work with one of our API partners – Pacvue and Flywheel to run CPG Sponsored Product ads with DoorDash. DoorDash also offers managed service for ad and promotions campaign management — reach out to your DoorDash rep to learn more.

Your ads will run across our network of more than 100,000 convenience, grocery, alcohol, and pet stores on three surfaces: Collections, Categories, and Search. Together, these three placement types allow your brands to connect with consumers across their shopping experience.

Budgets are set at the campaign level. You can select a daily budget to be applied across the selected campaign dates, or you can set a lifetime campaign budget. Bids are configured at the ad group level. DoorDash uses a second price auction, so you’ll never pay more than your bid price.

Campaign, placement, and product-level performance reports are available within the Ads Manager platform, updated daily. Click the "Reports" icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Currently, these campaign types are not available for self-service access in the Ads Manager platform. Advertisers should reach out to your account manager for more information.

*DoorDash data from 4/1/23-6/30/23.