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An advocacy network of Dashers, merchants, and consumers who support policies that drive economic opportunity and empower local economies.

Empowering Local Voices

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Most Dashers prefer to remain as independent contractors so they can keep their flexibility and freedoms since most are part-time. DashRoots will amplify their voices in policy debates.

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Merchants generally agree that DoorDash helped them reach new customers.  DashRoots supports policies that allow merchants to grow and thrive, like unlocking new earning opportunities.

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Customers overwhelmingly feel good about supporting local merchants by using DoorDash. Through DashRoots consumers will have a unique opportunity to speak out on policies that strengthen their local community and support food access.

Ways to Get Involved

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Members of DashRoots get exclusive access to educational programming and professional training; community building and networking opportunities; engagements with elected officials, industry leaders, media; and more.

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DashRoots empowers Dashers, merchants, and consumers to bring about positive outcomes. Sign up today and join one of our future community events.

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Your impact on local communities is powerful. Represent your community as a Dasher, merchant, or consumer by sharing your perspective with the public.

“Many small businesses in New Zealand rely on partnerships with third-party platforms like DoorDash to reach new customers, boost overall orders, and fulfill deliveries. Having access to an advocacy network like DashRoots will empower businesses like mine to reach policymakers and better serve our customers.”

Johnny D., Co-owner of Mama Brown
Wellington, NZ

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“DashRoots gives me a platform to share my story and push back on misinformation surrounding what gig workers really want from the industry. For me, DoorDash is a way to supplement my income from my full-time job, which allows me to visit my daughter who lives far away. It has been fantastic to earn money on my own terms.”

Sarah D., Dasher
Porirua, NZ