Environmental Sustainability

We’re building programs that work for merchants, Dashers, consumers, and the environment.

We are working to eliminate the carbon impact of DoorDash deliveries in Germany. We are investing in an eco-friendly fleet to power our deliveries, when available. We’re proud to provide e-bikes for couriers as part of this effort. 

Additionally, DoorDash is continually improving its technology to achieve routing and order batching efficiencies that, on average, result in lower estimated emissions compared to a customer driving a car to and from a restaurant to pick up an order.

Our Priorities

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Reduce Emissions

We’re working to improve delivery efficiency and accelerate the adoption of low-emissions transportation.

Trash Fill

Reduce Waste

To combat waste, we help local businesses adopt reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging.

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Effective Climate Policy

We’re partnering with organizations to advocate for policies that build a more sustainable future.

Reducing emissions from delivery

We’re working to reduce emissions from delivery through order batching and optimized routing.

We’re also helping Dashers transition to low-emissions transportation options through programs and partnerships including:

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Reducing packaging and food waste

We support local businesses’ efforts to adopt reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging. Through partnerships with DeliverZero and Dispatch Goods, customers in New York City, Denver, Boulder, and San Francisco can order their meals in reusable containers.

Project DASH helps reduce food waste by connecting charitable food to people in need.

Building partnerships and policy advocacy

We’re proud to work with groups like the League of American Bicyclists, Amy Gillett Foundation, HUB Cycling, Plug-in America, and the California Bicycle Coalition to enhance road safety, support investment in traffic infrastructure, and advance public policies that expand access and adoption of low-emissions transportation.

Contact our team if you’re interested in partnering with DoorDash.

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Minimizing our corporate emissions

We’ve invested in clean energy purchases and carbon removal technology to address emissions from our global corporate operations and facilities. Since 2021, we are net-zero across our scope 1 and 2 emissions globally.

Learn more about our climate action in DoorDash's 2021 ESG Report