Local Spotlight: Washington, D.C.

In 2023, Washington, D.C.’s ecosystem of Dashers, merchants and consumers contributed millions of dollars to the local economy, expanded access and economic opportunity, grew merchant sales by 15%, and powered 260K Project DASH food bank meals.

Economic Impact

D.C. merchant sales, Dasher earnings and consumers supported economic activity and jobs.


Image depicts a globe in the background with a cash register in the foreground

in economic activity



jobs for merchants, their supply chains, and elsewhere in the economy (not including Dashers)



consumer orders received through DoorDash

At a Glance: D.C. Dashers

In 2023:

  • 57,200+ active Dashers

  • <3 hours per week Dashers averaged on delivery in Q4

  • $69M+ total Dasher earnings on the platform, including tips

  • $88M+ Dasher earnings on the DoorDash platform supported economic activity

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Meet Our D.C. DashRoots Cohort

DashRoots is an advocacy network that empowers local voices across the communities we serve, and brings together the collective voice of Dashers, merchants, and consumers to drive positive public policy outcomes.

DDI (US) - Corp - Impact - Local - Dasher Story - Graciela
Meet Graciela

“Being an independent contractor allows me to not only make money, but I also don’t have to compromise time at home.”

DDI (US) - Corp - Impact - Local - Dasher Stories - Keanna
Meet Keanna

"I find DashRoots and interacting with council members interesting and cool. It was important to let my voice and other Dasher voices be heard."

At a Glance: D.C. Merchants


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merchants were on DoorDash Marketplace in December


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in merchant sales on DoorDash Marketplace


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total sales growth for independent merchants on DoorDash Marketplace Dec 2022 - Dec 2023

Meet a Merchant

Ted's Bulletin is a neighborhood staple with seven locations throughout the D.C. metro area. The partnership with DoorDash has been instrumental in delivering new opportunities as the business grows.

Partner with Project DASH

Project DASH is our initiative to help food banks, food pantries, and other social impact organizations leverage DoorDash logistics to increase access in their communities.

To date, DoorDash has powered 260,000 Project DASH deliveries in D.C., amounting to an estimated 3.1M meals.

Are you located in the D.C. area and interested in partnering with Project DASH?

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