Project DASH

Through Project DASH, we power delivery on behalf of food banks and pantries, community action agencies, and other social impact organizations.

Interested in partnering with Project DASH?

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Impact Since 2018

5M Deliveries 5M+-Deliveries-2 5M+-Deliveries



Corp - DDI - 80M meals 80M+-Estimated Meals


Estimated Meals

Corp - DDI - Hours Saved 3M+-Estimated Hours Saved by Recipients


Estimated Hours Saved by Recipients

Why Project DASH?

Deliveries facilitated by Project DASH help people get the food and other essential items they need more conveniently, more accessibly, and without stigma.

Project DASH Across the U.S.

This map displays cities where at least 50 Project DASH deliveries have originated to date.

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How It Works

Partner organizations determine who receives deliveries, when deliveries will take place, and where the distribution site will be. Dashers transport items from the distribution site to the destination, and recipients receive updates via text message throughout the process.

Project DASH's Impact

Many people experiencing food insecurity also face barriers to accessing charitable food, including a lack of transportation. An Urban Institute report examines how home delivery reduces these barriers and increases recipients’ food access and financial well-being through the lens of Project DASH.

Urban Inst

Project DASH Partners Include

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