Local Commerce Service Partner Program

Partner with DoorDash as a Local Commerce Service Partner (LCSP) and start your own business to break into a growing industry.

Dasher at wheel of car

Program Requirements

Tipping Fill

Startup capital with good credit

People Group Fill

Ability to recruit & manage a 50+ person fleet

Device Pos Fill

Strong management experience & the ability to conduct day-to-day operations

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Built for Entrepreneurs

Operate your own delivery business to grow revenue and impact your community. We're looking for trusted entrepreneurs who want to manage a high-performing fleet of delivery associates. Management skills are helpful, but no logistics experience is required.

Maximize your revenue

Partner with DoorDash and keep your team of Delivery Associates busy performing tasks and delivering orders through the DoorDash platform. Your drivers will deliver groceries, flowers, food, and more.

Generate revenue with merchant affiliate referrals
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"With the DoorDash LCSP delivery program, not only do you get to make the delivery industry stronger, but you get to do so as an owner with a direct impact on your local economy—providing meaningful jobs and access to a growing industry."

Current LCSP Owner

Austin, TX

Frequently asked questions

Entrepreneurs who are part of the DoorDash LCSP program operate their own delivery business and employ their own fleet of delivery associates who fulfill deliveries offered through the DoorDash platform.

As an LCSP, you'll recruit, retain, and manage your delivery fleet. You'll also troubleshoot issues, analyze the numbers to understand the efficiency of your business, and execute on back-end activities like payroll, HR, and accounting.

You’ll need to recruit and onboard talent to start and scale your LCSP. This means finding high value sourcing resources and ensuring the compensation you offer is competitive with the market. After finding the right employees, you’ll need to ensure you retain them to build a consistent and robust workforce.

As you onboard your fleet, and throughout your team’s individual careers, you’ll want to provide effective training to build skills that are important to your business’ growth. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your fleet is operating effectively across key metrics. If performance management is required, you are responsible for that. Lastly, you’ll need to ensure your team shows up on time and checks in and out of their shifts every day that they’re scheduled to work.

As your fleet is completing their tasks, you’ll be a one stop shop to provide support as they run into any potential issues. These issues could be related to technology, automotive, or issues pertaining to completing a live delivery or other activities. DoorDash will also be there to support you with coaching and training along the way, so keep in constant communication and escalate concerns as needed.

To better understand how to improve the quality and efficiency of your business, you’ll need to analyze both historical and live metrics. Pinpointing areas of improvement and executing on fixes will be integral to enabling customer satisfaction and growing your organization. The DoorDash support team can also provide assistance here to help you interpret the numbers and brainstorm root causes.

The DoorDash LCSP program is currently only available in Austin, Texas and select locations in California.

After filling out the sign up form, a member of the DoorDash team may reach out to you to discuss the LCSP program more and prospective partnership.