Portable Benefits

DoorDash firmly believes that all workers deserve access, choice, and security when it comes to how they want to work. While the average Dasher in Pennsylvania delivers fewer than 4 hours per week and the vast majority already receive benefits through other sources like a full-time job or a spouse, we can continue to expand the safety net in ways that meet the needs of those who dash more consistently and may be missing out on important benefits.

We’re piloting a first-of-its-kind effort to find solutions through a portable benefits savings program that doesn’t force workers to choose between employment with benefits or flexible work without.

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“DoorDash’s new pilot program for Pennsylvania Dashers is a positive step forward, as it gives Pennsylvania workers greater access to benefits.”

-Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro

Program Impact at a Glance

Duration: The Portable Benefits Savings pilot will run initially for six months from April through September 2024.

Who’s Eligible: All Pennsylvania Dashers who earn at least $1,000 pre-tip in the first three months of the program, and complete at least 100 deliveries from Pennsylvania merchants, will be eligible to open a portable benefits savings account and receive contributions from DoorDash.

Our Commitment: DoorDash will make contributions equal to 4% of each participating Dasher’s earnings to their portable benefits savings account. Dashers who dash the most — and may be missing access to these benefits elsewhere — will get the most support.

Proportional, portable, and flexible: The savings account belongs to the Dasher, who can use the funds towards eligible expenses of their choice.

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Understanding Dashers

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Pennsylvanians earned with DoorDash in 2023.

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of Pennsylvania Dashers have told us that flexibility is one of the main reasons they deliver with DoorDash over other opportunities.

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of Pennsylvania Dashers say that they prefer to remain independent contractors.

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of Pennsylvania Dashers delivered fewer than 10 hours per week in the last quarter of 2023.