Australian Dasher Impact

We recognise many Dashers are trying to reach goals like start a business, attend school, or pay for something special. We want Australian Dashers to feel valued, included, and appreciated as they strive to provide excellent service for merchants and customers.

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Fun Facts About Dashing in Australia

  • In H1 2023, more than 135,000 Australians earned income on the DoorDash app.

    • During that period, Dashers in Australia earned over $180m on the platform.

    • In 2022, Australian Dashers earned over $360m.

  • In H2 2023, the average Dasher spent fewer than 4 hours per week on delivery on the app on a quarterly basis, and 90% of Dashers spent less than 10 hours per week on delivery.

  • In 2023, the average order in Australia was just under 6 km and took around 20 minutes from when the Dasher accepted the order to when they delivered it to the consumer, including wait time.

Australian Dasher Community Council

The Australian Dasher Community Council is composed of a diverse set of Dashers from across Australia, advocating on behalf of the Dasher community. Dasher success starts with us listening, advocating for their needs, and supporting them in all the ways we can.

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Our Doors Are Open

  • DoorDash has a 24/7 support team based in Australia, available to Dashers who need to report concerns, ask questions, or get help.

  • We currently host virtual town halls to gather feedback directly.

  • Every month, Dashers receive the Dasher Digest, with content specifically for Australia Dashers.

  • We issue surveys on a quarterly basis in order to better understand Dasher perspectives.

  • In Melbourne, we have a Dasher Central location where Dashers can stop by to grab a snack, connect with other Dashers and learn more about the latest in e-bike safety with the team at Zoomo.

Dasher Safety

The safety of our Dashers is a top priority at DoorDash. We have many features in place to help ensure Dasher’s safety while out on the road.

  • SafeChat: Dashers can easily report offensive language from customers.

  • Real-Time Safety Alerts: 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerts to notify Dashers of possible unsafe situations nearby.

  • Protecting Privacy: DoorDash safeguards Dasher privacy by automatically masking their phone number from customers and merchants.

Visit our Dasher Safety page for more information.

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