Measuring Our Impact

Measuring and reporting on impact is an ongoing effort to hold ourselves accountable to responding to the true needs of our stakeholders.

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Impact at a Glance

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over 2B

Consumer orders globally (2023)

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Dasher earnings globally (2023)

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nearly $50B

Merchant sales globally (2023)



Project DASH deliveries on behalf of hunger relief organizations (Lifetime)



U.S. GDP supported (2022)

Our Approach

As part of our approach, we regularly:

  • Survey and interview our stakeholders including merchants, Dashers, and consumers

  • Work with expert, independent researchers from think tanks to climate scientists

  • Measure our carbon footprint and analyze the climate impact of our programs and pilots

  • Use the latest, local data to understand the unique needs of the communities where we operate

  • Engage in dialogue with industry and community leaders to translate findings into action

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ESG Pillars

Our ESG-related efforts and reporting focus on environmental, social, and governance issues that matter most to our business and our stakeholders.


Powering inclusive economic development

Our services aim to level the playing field for merchants of all sizes, equipping them with tools to build and grow successful businesses in the on-demand economy.


Providing work that empowers

Our goal is to provide earnings opportunities that are additive to existing work, provide incremental earning potential, and increase accessibility and flexibility in the labor market.


Supporting resilient communities

Investing in community initiatives and partnering with the public and social sectors drives innovation and helps us create an ecosystem that benefits all our stakeholders.


Environmental sustainability

As we grow, we want to evolve our service to operate with less relative environmental cost. This will require proactive emissions reduction strategies. We are working to assess our impact and avoid, reduce, and remove emissions.


Our people

DoorDash has thousands of employees across the globe, working together to serve and enrich diverse communities of stakeholders. How we build DoorDash is just as important as what we build.

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Corporate governance & stewardship

Through governance, training, and auditing, we seek to meet society’s expectations for ethics and compliance. Millions of people choose to use our platform, and it’s fundamental that we earn and keep the trust of our communities.