Announcing Antojo, DoorDash’s New Multi-Platform Campaign Aimed at Connecting with the Latino Community

Today, DoorDash launched its first-ever custom created Spanish & English multi-platform marketing campaign titled ‘Antojo’ aimed at authentically connecting with the Latino community.

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Today, DoorDash launched its first-ever custom created Spanish & English multi-platform marketing campaign titled ‘Antojo’ aimed at authentically connecting with the Latino community.

The creative campaign is rooted in the perspective that cravings are a common experience in culture, but “antojos” are a part of the way Latinos live life. And there are all sorts of antojos; about food, a flavor, or a memory about grandma’s cooking. But it does not stop there–there are also antojos for moments, for opportunities, for fulfilling goals. DoorDash’s intention in creating the ‘Antojo’ campaign was to reinforce its focus on growing and empowering the antojos of local Latino communities.

The creative campaign debuted today across national TV, digital, and social activations. The creative was inspired by the old superstition “Dicen que cuando se te cae algo es porque a alguien se le antojó” or in English, “They say that when your food falls, it’s because someone craved it.”

“DoorDash’s mission is to empower local economies and the latest iteration of that mission is the Antojo campaign, which demonstrates our commitment to connecting with the Latino community and empowering the communities that we serve,” said Katie Daire, DoorDash’s Senior Director of Consumer Marketing. “We’re excited to unveil this campaign and think it will uniquely engage with the Latino community through highlighting the shared power of antojos in our everyday lives.”

“We are proud to partner with DoorDash, a modern brand that at its core is about empowering local communities,” said John Gallegos, Founder and CEO of GALLEGOS United. “Throughout the pitch process, we experienced firsthand how the company lives up to this value and its commitment to the Latino community, always in a highly creative way. We are excited for our new journey together, supporting all the ‘antojos’ of Latinos, starting with food and beyond.”

The insight behind this traditional superstition inspired two :30 TV spots under the premise of “Se te antojó,” which brings viewers through the journey of witnessing the power of antojos in real life and highlights the breadth of items available through DoorDash. To capture the essence of ‘Antojo’, the commercials were shot in Mexico City by acclaimed and award-winning director Andy Fogwill. In addition to TV, the campaign includes digital ads, paid and organic social media, and an in-app experience that features Latin cuisines in customers’ local areas. The breadth of the campaign highlights the brand’s connection and understanding of the antojos of the Latino community.

The campaign was created in partnership with GALLEGOS United and is the first work produced from this new partnership focused on connecting more authentically with the Latino community. Gallegos United was awarded the DoorDash business and will be responsible for helping DoorDash authentically communicate with Latinos—managing strategy, creative development, production, and marketing communications. Together, DoorDash and Gallegos United will focus on building long-lasting customer relationships and driving brand preference with Latino communities nationwide.

Beyond the creative campaign, we’re proud to support the Hispanic and Latin community by providing restaurateurs grants and training through our Main Street Strong Accelerator. In February, we also announced a partnership with UnidosUS that provides a financial empowerment program, grants to broaden food access, and support for civic engagement programs and immigration education. Our partnership features a signature financial empowerment initiative, Caminos, that provides local and virtual programming to U.S. Dashers who want to develop job skills, build a business, or improve their financial well-being.

Check out the spots below: