Meet a Dasher: Jeff

Jeff was ready to leave corporate life and started dashing to be his own boss and bridge the gap between careers.

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Jeff worked in the agriculture industry for over 25 years. He decided he needed a change and signed up to be a Dasher to support his family while still caring for the family farm.

“We've got a farm here, so I could take care of the animals in the morning, go out and dash, and if something happens at home, I could come back home. As soon as you're done taking care of the family, you can go back out and work again. It is the flexibility of being able to work whenever you want throughout the day or throughout the week.”

Being an independent contractor is essential to Jeff because of the flexibility and ability to earn income easily while being his own boss.

“The independent contractor model works because of the flexibility and my ability to be able to go out and work when I want, where I want, around our state. There's nothing like that.”

Jeff has found his purpose and happiness and doesn't think he will ever return to the corporate world.

“Working in a corporate space for that long, and working for somebody, and answering to somebody, you realize that you make other people rich for the rest of your life. I would rather live my life, enjoy my time with my family, and be able to work around whenever I want to work, and have that flexibility to do that.”