Meet a Dasher: Lydia

Lydia is a busy mom of two and a Dasher.

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When Lydia needed extra money to help her son get into an educational program, she was determined to find a solution that wouldn’t compromise her responsibilities. That’s when she decided to become a Dasher, which enabled her to earn extra money while having the flexibility to manage her schedule according to her family’s needs.

“DoorDash has given me the opportunity to be there for my kids and make the tuition for my son and not miss out on anything. I can drop them off in the morning. I can pick them up after school and be there with them at night. I don't have to miss anything or choose between a career and being a mom. I get to have both.”

Lydia prefers working as an independent contractor to balance all the demands of her busy life.

“Being an independent contractor works for my schedule so that I can meet all the demands of being a mom and also meet my budget and make my goals.”

In addition to its personal benefits, dashing helps Lydia make a difference in her community.

“DoorDash fills my cup because I can bridge the gap for people with mobility issues, like moms with small kids or seniors. I get to spread love as I drop things off and smile at them. We're still connected because sometimes being stuck at home is lonely.”