Announcing Launch Of New Safety Features In Canada For Dashers

We care deeply about the safety and experience of Dashers who choose DoorDash. We are always looking for ways to help make dashing even safer and ensure Dashers can get help quickly and easily in the rare event that something goes wrong.

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DoorDash Dasher

Today, we’re sharing an update on how we’re making dashing even safer with the launch of these new safety features for Dashers across Canada. These new features were developed following extensive research and consultation with Dashers and leading safety experts.

Real-Time Safety Alerts

When an emergency happens or disaster strikes, every second counts. That’s why we’re partnering with samdesk, a global crisis detection platform, to roll out Real-Time Safety Alerts. In the event of an emergency, we can quickly alert Dashers, customers and merchants about the incident and suspend operations near the impacted area. This includes canceling any active deliveries so Dashers can avoid the impacted area and stay out of harm’s way. We will also proactively check-in on Dashers near any impacted area to make sure they are okay. So far, we’ve piloted Real-Time Safety Alerts in response to active shootings, bomb threats and building fires across the U.S.

An example of the type of notification a DoorDash customer would receive in the case of such an incident is illustrated here:


To help promote a safe, respectful environment and protect customers and prevent safety incidents, we’re introducing SafeChat. If our technology detects inappropriate or offensive language in a chat on our app, the person who sent the message will receive a warning reminding them of the potential consequences. The person who received the message will automatically be given the option to report the issue and if they are a Dasher they can unassign from the delivery without any penalty:

Safety Reporting

We’re making it faster and easier than ever for Dashers to report a safety incident during or after a delivery. If a customer makes a Dasher feel unsafe, they can immediately report it via in-app chat or call for investigation. Dashers can also choose to block future deliveries made through our platform to that customer in the future:

Porch Lights Reminders

We’ve listened to Dashers who have told us that better lighting would make it easier for them to find the right address and make them feel safer when dashing at night. We will send a notification to customers asking them to turn their porch or house lights on as the Dasher is approaching. Porch Lights Reminders, like the one illustrated below, are now active in the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We look forward to continuing to develop and launch innovative new safety features so Dashers earn with more confidence knowing they can get help when they need it.