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DoorDash Announces More Than $500,000 in Project DASH Impact Grants to Support Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Social Impact Organizations

DoorDash has awarded more than $500,000 in Project DASH Impact Grants to over 200 food banks, food pantries, and other social impact organizations located in more than 30 states for any home delivery-related expense.

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In Nationwide Survey, Canadian Dashers Nearly All Want Flexible Work To Be Protected

97% of Canadian Dashers say being able to choose when, where, and how they work should be protected if laws were to change.


DashRoots: The Voices of Local Communities Expands to Canada

New advocacy network will bring together local Canadian voices to advocate for issues that will strengthen neighbourhoods and create positive change

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DoorDash Launches E-Bike Safety Training in Canada

DoorDash launches new training as part of industry-leading commitment to identifying solutions to address e-mobility safety.


Behind the Dash: Insights into the Flexibility and Freedom of Dashing

Dashers use the platform to earn on their own time. We look at our data to see just what flexibility looks like across the Dasher spectrum.

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Redoubling Our Commitment to Empower Local Communities

DoorDash was founded with a mission to grow and empower local economies. Never have local economies and the communities that sustain them been more challenged than in 2020. With many of those challenges likely to extend into next year, we recognize that our commitment to supporting the people and local businesses that power DoorDash has never been more important. Our platform only works if it works for all stakeholders, and our company will only be successful if success is shared.

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