How Our Latest Pilot Aims to Improve Quality

Earlier this year, we began piloting a new in-app screen to help provide the best possible experience for Dashers, consumers and merchants.

Person handing bag to customer

Every day, Dashers go the extra mile to help connect consumers with the best of their local communities. That’s why we encourage consumers to show their appreciation by tipping – and the vast majority do.

Earlier this year, we began piloting new information screens in the DoorDash app. When consumers choose to add their own custom tip instead of using one of our suggested default amounts, we let them know that tips can help motivate a Dasher to quickly accept their order. In the event that a consumer chooses to not leave a tip, we also let them know that their order may take longer to be accepted as a result. This is because – as independent contractors – Dashers have full freedom to accept or reject offers based on what they view as valuable and rewarding. Since launching this test, we’ve seen a meaningful decrease in no-tip orders.

tip warning

Our three-sided marketplace only works if it’s working for Dashers, consumers and merchants alike. When consumers leave a tip, Dashers are more likely to accept their order because of the value they find in it. This drives positive delivery experiences for consumers, which in turn drives satisfied, repeat consumers for merchants.

On the flipside, orders without a tip are less appealing to Dashers and thus are more likely to be rejected by them, which may result in a consumer’s food sitting longer at a merchant’s restaurant. That leads to consumers experiencing longer wait times as Dashers potentially decline their orders and in turn, a lower quality experience for all members of the DoorDash community.

To be clear, consumers still have the option not to tip if they choose not to. The test does not impact DoorDash’s commitment to quality or how orders are fulfilled. Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience – regardless of the amount a consumer tips – on each and every order.

This screen is being randomly tested with customers in markets across the United States and Canada. As with any pilot we conduct, we will carefully analyze the results of this test and engage with members of our community for feedback before further roll-out.