Introducing Chef Michael Solomonov as Chief Restaurant Advisor

The James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef behind Zahav and Federal Donuts will serve a one-year term advocating for restaurant needs and connecting directly with industry operators.

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Chief Restaurant Advisor

Collecting direct feedback from restaurant operators is critical to ensuring that DoorDash continues to remain grounded in real-time insights, concerns, and opportunities. We’re proud to continue our Chief Restaurant Advisor program into its third year, providing yet another opportunity to infuse the operator perspective into DoorDash – in tandem with our Restaurant Advisory Council, currently convening its seventh cohort of operators from across the United States and Canada who meet on a monthly basis.

DoorDash is thrilled to welcome James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov as its third Chief Restaurant Advisor, following impactful year-long stints from Chef Stephanie Izard and Pinky Cole. Solomonov is the co-owner of CookNSolo Restaurants, where he serves as Chef at Zahav – Philadelphia’s trailblazing restaurant highlighting Israel’s diverse culinary landscape – and oversees Federal Donuts, Dizengoff, Goldie, K’Far, and Laser Wolf across Philadelphia and New York City.

“With over a decade of restaurant ownership under his belt, we’re incredibly eager to welcome Chef Michael Solomonov’s unique owner-operator perspective to DoorDash over the next year,” said Ruth Isenstadt, Head of US Restaurants at DoorDash. “The evolution and expansion of his growing restaurant empire in Philadelphia and New York City is a testament to continued innovation to meet customers where they are – something DoorDash is equally invested in for the long-term.”

During his one-year term as Chief Restaurant Advisor, Chef Michael Solomonov will meet with various DoorDash teams to share his unique operator perspective on unreleased products and services, connect with employees to emphasize the importance of hospitality, and liaise with restaurant operators across the nation to hear their unique perspectives.

“Many of our restaurants including Federal Donuts and Goldie have grown because of our partnership with DoorDash over the years, connecting our customers with greater convenience,” said Michael Solomonov, incoming Chief Restaurant Advisor. “One of the aspects I’m most excited about is getting an inside look at how DoorDash makes decisions on behalf of its partners – and I’m not shying away from sharing what restaurant operators need.”

Before officially passing the torch, DoorDash asked Pinky Cole, Founder of Atlanta-based vegan hamburger chain Slutty Vegan and outgoing Chief Restaurant Advisor, for one piece of advice for her successor.

“DoorDash chose you for your unique perspective. If they’re asking you for your thoughts on something, never hesitate to speak your mind or share out-of-the-box ideas on how something could be improved,” said Pinky Cole. “You’ll soon see how much employees at DoorDash truly appreciate the perspective of restaurant operators and the change we can help bring to our fellow restaurateurs.”

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