DoorDash Launches New AI-Powered Feature to Help Combat Chat Abuse and Harassment

SafeChat+ leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help make our platform even safer and provide a better experience for everyone.

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We want each person who uses the DoorDash platform to have a safe and positive experience every time. The vast majority of Dashers, customers, and merchants do the right thing and treat others with respect. It’s one reason why safety incidents between users are extremely rare, with more than 99.99% of deliveries on our platform being completed without any safety-related incident at all. Even so, we’re constantly exploring and testing new safety features and products.

As part of these ongoing efforts, we’re excited to announce the launch of SafeChat+, a new feature that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help make our platform even safer and provide a better experience for everyone.

With SafeChat+, we’re utilizing AI to review in-app conversations to detect and prevent verbal abuse or harassment. If SafeChat+ detects an inappropriate or abusive conversation between a consumer and Dasher, Dashers will be given the option to quickly cancel the order without impacting ratings. If the order is already completed, the feature will automatically end any further chat to help prevent the situation from escalating. If a Dasher uses inappropriate or abusive language with a customer during a delivery, the customer can reach out to support via chat or phone to report the incident and receive assistance.

Our Trust & Safety team will investigate all incidents identified by the new tool and take appropriate actions to enforce our policies, which strictly prohibit any verbal abuse or harassment.

This new feature will address verbal abuse or harassment, which is the most common safety incident and is now rolled out to all in-app chats between consumers and Dashers - meaning it is reviewing more than 1,400 messages a minute with speed and at scale for signals of inappropriate communications. The feature covers dozens of languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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DoorDash takes privacy extremely seriously and that's why the new feature does not access any personal user information and only looks at the content of the message to identify inappropriate, abusive, or harassing language.

In the past year alone, DoorDash has launched more than several new safety features including Real-Time Safety Alerts to help keep Dasher’s out of harm’s way, SafeDash™ Check-In to give Dashers greater peace of mind while dashing, Location Sharing to allow Dashers to share their location in real-time with their trusted contacts, Porch Light Reminders to help make dashing at night even safer and easier, and quicker and easier safety reporting from within the app.