Launching New Ad Solution For Merchants of All Sizes Across Canada

DoorDash is giving restaurants more tools to get in front of their next customer by launching new advertising solutions for merchants in Canada, including the launch of self-serve Sponsored Listings.

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Today we are launching new advertising solutions for merchants in Canada, including the launch of self-serve Sponsored Listings, which will allow restaurants and brands of all sizes, from local merchants to global brands, to reach new customers and grow their business on the DoorDash Marketplace.

In a market often dominated by larger enterprises, local and small businesses have the same opportunity to reach new customers on DoorDash. There are multiple self-serve tools available on DoorDash that allow merchants to get in front of their customers, from discovery through to the point of sale. This includes existing promotions in the Offers Hub, homepage banners and the new Sponsored Listings features.

The centrepiece of the self-serve suite is DoorDash’s Sponsored Listings tool which enables merchants to upweight their placement in highly visible places on the DoorDash app, like the homepage and search results. Unique compared to many online advertising mechanisms, merchants using Sponsored Listings pay only for orders placed via their ad and not for ad clicks or impressions.

With no prior advertising experience needed, the self-serve platform arms merchants with tools to attract new consumers and tailor campaigns to their brand’s specific needs. This includes, choosing their audience, selecting a daily budget, selecting a targeting strategy, setting a campaign duration and monitoring or pausing the campaign at any time.

At DoorDash, we are driven by our merchant first philosophy, of empowering them to reach consumers where they are ,” said Shilpa Arora, General Manager, DoorDash Canada. “Today we are excited to announce the next step in this journey with the launch of Sponsored Listings that help our merchant partners highlight relevant content to consumers at the point of purchase and help them drive revenue.”

DoorDash’s goal is to bring restaurants and brands an unparalleled opportunity to find their next consumer and deliver the food and products that are most pertinent to their searches and needs. Whether they are looking to answer the question, “what can I have for dinner?” or need to order a quick meal during a busy work day, DoorDash helps brands meet consumers where they are.

“DoorDash’s sponsored listing has allowed us to put our business and brand in front of new customers. In a space where new restaurants are joining daily, customer acquisition and retention are critical. DoorDash has allowed us to get our food into the hands of many customers and it is up to us to keep them coming back.” said Wilson Shin, Katsupan Japanese Sandwich.

“Running a self-serve sponsored listing ad campaign on the DoorDash app helped us get great visibility that led to a significant increase in orders. That same week sales from prior month was increased by over 100%.” said Jonathan Kou, Ono Poke.

For more information on how your business can benefit from the DoorDash Sponsored Listings visit our website.