Behind the Dash: Insights into the Flexibility and Freedom of Dashing

Dashers use the platform to earn on their own time. We look at our data to see just what flexibility looks like across the Dasher spectrum.

Online Ordering Trends

DoorDash Unveils What and How Consumers Have Been Eating and Drinking In 2023

Today, DoorDash released its inaugural Alcohol Online Ordering Trends Report and a first look at the third annual Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report. These reports offer a deep dive into the changing landscape of consumer online ordering preferences and emerging dining and drinking trends. We’re excited to share how consumers are using DoorDash to get everything they need and how merchants can meet consumer demand and increase sales volume.

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Gen Z Dashers Value the Flexibility and Reliability of Dashing on Their Own Schedule

Gen Z Dashers – those ages 18 to 25 years old – recognize the value of earning on their own schedule, when and where they want. As Gen Z continues to join the workforce, they are known to be determined in their pursuit of a job that works for them, often switching employers until they have found the right fit.

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Introducing DoorDash Labs: DoorDash’s Robotics and Automation Arm

We have been fascinated with robotics, automation, and their potential to improve how we work and live from the very beginning. That’s why, in 2018, we founded DoorDash Labs.

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DoorDash Releases First-Ever Economic Impact Report

Today DoorDash released our first-ever economic impact report, revealing the economic activity generated by our platform and showing the positive impact that DoorDash has had on the restaurant industry since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The analysis further demonstrates our mission to empower local economies and provides a tangible look at how our platform impacts merchants, consumers and the communities we serve.