Announcing the next phase in the Dasher Rewards Program

DoorDash is committed to supporting the Dasher community. From those who have powered tens of thousands of deliveries in communities across the globe, to those who are signing up today, we are so grateful for everyone who delivers through our platform.

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Dasher Rewards Program Hero

Late last year, as part of our five year, $200 million Main Street Strong Pledge, we announced the first phase of our $12 million Dasher Rewards Program. To demonstrate our appreciation for their contributions in connecting customers with the businesses they love, many of the most active Dashers received a cash reward between $300 and $20,000 in local currency based on their total lifetime deliveries. As we enter 2021 and the second phase of our program, we want to provide opportunities for even more Dashers to earn rewards.

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive the reward from DoorDash that rewarded my 11,000+ lifetime deliveries since joining in 2017. This reward helps set DoorDash apart from other delivery services. I’m able to use this reward to pay off some bills and enjoy the holiday season knowing I’m in a much better financial position. I’m excited to continue delivering in 2021.” -Wayne Bennett, Vancouver Dasher

Today, we’re announcing the framework for the next phase of our rewards program, developed in partnership with our Dasher Community Council and the Voices from Dashers of Color Council, which will run into May. Each month, Dashers will have the opportunity to earn cash rewards by completing a certain number of deliveries. These rewards are on top of what Dashers already earn with each delivery.

In January, any U.S. Dasher who completes at least 450 deliveries will see an extra $200 in their account in early February. Canadian and Australian Dashers who complete at least 400 deliveries in January will receive $200 CAD/AUD in their accounts. Delivery goals and the associated rewards will be announced on the first of the month thereafter, and we’re excited to share more soon on additional rewards Dashers can earn.

Voices from Dashers of Color Council Member Dawnena Muth said, “There is a sense of accomplishment when we do a certain number of deliveries to get extra earnings. This motivates drivers like me to be committed to a long term window of delivery, which is something I, as a driver, look forward to.”

We’re proud of the flexible earning opportunity that millions of people have accessed through our platform and continue to take advantage of everyday. These are parents, students, retirees, veterans, and entrepreneurs – many of whom have had their lives upended by the pandemic and increasing unemployment rates. We work hard to invest in meaningful initiatives and products to support Dashers, including first-of-their-kind programs like DasherDirect, our first financial platform for Dashers, and a partnership with the National Urban League to provide Dashers from underserved communities access to financial literacy training, educational funding, job programs, and more. The Dasher Rewards Program is the latest initiative in our ongoing efforts to support Dashers and we look forward to continuing our commitment to giving back to those who power our platform into the future.