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New Urban Institute Report Outlines How Project DASH and Home Delivery Connect People Experiencing Food Insecurity with Charitable Food

An Urban Institute report, Connecting People with Charitable Food through New Home Delivery Partnerships, studies the effectiveness of Project DASH home delivery partnerships.

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Only the Recipe is Predictable

Just how unpredictable are orders for a typical merchant? We explored our data to show how DoorDash helps merchants manage order volatility.

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How We’re Making Alcohol Deliveries Even Safer

Safety features rolled out in Massachusetts build on industry-leading efforts toward responsible and compliant alcohol delivery in the Commonwealth

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Student Dashers Value Flexibility of Dashing Between Classes and Studying

Read about why student Dashers value the flexibility of dashing between classes and studying


Behind the Dash: Insights into the Flexibility and Freedom of Dashing

Dashers use the platform to earn on their own time. We look at our data to see just what flexibility looks like across the Dasher spectrum.

E-Bike Access and Safety Partnerships

Stepping Up Our Commitment to E-Mobility Safety Nationwide

New Announcements Underscore Industry-Leading Commitment to Identify Solutions That Help Address E-Mobility Safety for Dashers In NYC and Throughout the US

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