How we’re enforcing our policies fairly and proportionately

All members of our community–Dashers, consumers, and merchants–must meet our standards and follow our policies. 

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At DoorDash, we want everyone who uses our platform to have a safe and positive experience. To help us achieve this, all members of our community–Dashers, consumers, and merchants–must meet our standards and follow our policies. 

We strive to be open and transparent about our policies and how they are enforced. That is why the requirements and conditions for using the platform are provided to all users before they ever gain access. Additionally, all users agree to these policies before they can ever use our platform. 

We’ve also developed a comprehensive framework to help ensure these rules are enforced fairly and proportionately. Our goal is to ensure our response is proportional to the severity of the violation. We acknowledge the serious impact losing access to our platform can have on someone’s ability to earn extra income or grow their business. We have a range of escalating actions to appropriately respond to policy violations. 

For less serious conduct or incidents, we will inform users of a policy violation and remind them of the platform guidelines. For instance, in the case of a verbal insult or the use of offensive language, an email advising of a policy violation may be issued for a first-time offense. The purpose is to provide a proportionate response and remind users that such behavior is unacceptable, and could lead to the loss of platform access. Hopefully, this measured response will also deter future conduct and incidents. 

For severe or repeated violations, we may deactivate a user’s account, meaning they can no longer access our platform. It’s important to emphasize that we never take the decision to deactivate a user’s account lightly. Deactivations are reserved for serious or egregious conduct, such as assault or threats to harm another person, sexual harassment or discrimination, fraud, or consistent violations of our policies like failure to complete deliveries safely or on time. In many cases, deactivation only occurs after a user has received prior notifications that their conduct on the platform violated our policies. 

To further help ensure deactivations are fair and justified, we’ve put in place a dedicated review and appeals process for Dashers. If a Dasher’s account is deactivated, they will be notified and have an opportunity to appeal. The appeals process is driven by human decision-making and oversight. In the rare instance an account was deactivated in error, our team quickly acts to reactivate the account. 

Deactivations are a serious but necessary component to help provide a safe and positive experience for all DoorDash users. While the vast majority of users follow the rules and do the right thing, it is crucial that we can act swiftly and decisively when necessary. 

Importantly, we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve how we explain and enforce our policies, while at the same time maintaining the safety, security, and quality that all members of the DoorDash community have come to expect. 

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