Making Dashing Even Easier for Spanish-Speaking Dashers

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to announce several updates that will make the dashing experience even better for Spanish-speaking Dashers.

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Millions of people from all backgrounds choose DoorDash to earn supplemental income how, when, and where they want. We’re proud to offer Dashers a meaningful and flexible way to earn – regardless of what language they speak or where they are from.

From listening and talking to many Dashers, we know there can be challenges to using the app and dashing for those whose primary language isn’t English. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to make our app and dashing even more inclusive.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re proud to announce several updates that will make the dashing experience even better for Spanish-speaking Dashers.

In-App Translation for Dasher to Consumer Chat

We’re making it easier than ever for Dashers and consumers to chat through the launch of our new in-app translation tool. With this feature, messages sent to and from Spanish-speaking Dashers will automatically be translated in real-time, delivering a better and more seamless experience for both Dashers and consumers. This feature will be available in 54 different languages and includes the option to view the original message if needed.


Spanish Language Dasher Support Chatbot

Our in-app Dasher Support chatbot is a critical resource for Dashers seeking support or guidance while dashing. We’re proud to announce that the chatbot is now available in Spanish, ensuring that Spanish-speaking Dashers can get immediate access to support in their native language. Through the chatbot, Dashers can update their vehicle information, get help with earnings and Dasher Direct, and more. Additionally, if a Dasher needs to speak with someone live, they’ll automatically be connected with a Spanish-speaking support agent.


Change Dasher App Language – Regardless of Your Device Language

In speaking with Dashers whose primary language is Spanish, we learned that many set their device language to English to help practice learning the language. However, some Dashers are anxious about miscommunication and prefer to have their most critical apps – like banking and those they use for work – in their primary language, even if their device itself is set to English.

Based on this feedback, we’ve introduced a new setting that allows Dashers to use the Dasher app in a language that’s different from their overall device settings. This means that Dashers who have set their phone’s primary language to English can still access the Dasher app in Spanish for even more confidence on the road.

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“Dashing is a flexible way for people of all backgrounds and life experiences to earn supplemental income, including Dashers who speak Spanish at home and are learning English,” said Keith Fernandez, DoorDash Public Affairs. “We’re proud to be making the Dasher app even more convenient for Spanish speaking Dashers, 80% of whom agree that they feel less stressed about their financial situation because they can dash whenever they want.”

Maria Lizardo, Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, expressed, "The introduction of these new features represents a significant step towards improving accessibility and convenience for Dashers, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds or home languages. Our partnership with DoorDash has allowed us to witness their genuine commitment to strengthening diverse communities, fostering flexible earning possibilities, and actively supporting initiatives aimed at increasing access to economic opportunities."

We look forward to continuing to improve the Dasher experience and provide low-barrier-to-entry earning opportunities for Dashers of all backgrounds, including Spanish speaking Dashers and other Dashers who speak a different language at home.