Meet a Dasher: Denis

Denis is a former city council member and a dedicated member of his hometown in Michigan. He's also a Dasher.

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Denis was born and raised in Gibraltar, Michigan. He experimented with various careers before trying DoorDash. He quickly discovered how rewarding it is to be a Dasher.

“It's the times that I've run into people who are way less fortunate than me for mobility purposes, and I'm able to serve and bring them their sustenance, just the essentials of life.”

Besides helping those in the community, Denis also values the flexibility of the schedule and working for himself all while staying close to home.

“I can stay pretty much 15 minutes from home. If something happens, I can stop the app, deliver the last delivery, and just head home.”

Denis will continue dashing because making money for himself and achieving self-determination are important.

“You can get some self-worth for yourself. You can do the right thing by people and make it your own thing. And you don't have to have an agency or a government entity tell you who you are in this life. You can tell yourself who you are as a human being.”