Announcing New Display of Customer Fees in California

In compliance with a new California law, we’re updating the way our fees are displayed on DoorDash Marketplace.

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New Display of Customer Fees

We’re proud to be the industry leader in transparency and affordability, and changes we’re making to the DoorDash Marketplace experience in California will provide customers with new ways to learn about the fees that help us operate and what they will pay. While the way certain fees are displayed is changing, it is important to know that fees are not increasing.

What to Expect

When adding items to their cart, users will now see a running tally of their subtotal before taxes, including any fees. New or less frequent users will also be given information about what fees they can expect to pay as soon as they open the homepage. 

New Display of Customer Fees

As we implement these features in compliance with state law, we will continue to listen to DoorDash users, gather feedback, and continue to evaluate the way we display fees to optimize the DoorDash experience for all users and our community.