Protecting Merchants and Combating Fraud

DoorDash announces additional steps to prevent fraud and support merchants.

Mx Fraud Newsroom Post

At DoorDash, we take fraud of any kind extremely seriously, and we are committed to providing a safe, reliable and high-quality service for merchants. By combating fraud, we strive to protect merchants, Dashers, consumers, and the broader business community.

Today, we’re announcing additional steps we’re taking to further combat fraud and protect merchants from bad actors, including strengthening our real-time risk detection technology, rolling out additional verification if we detect suspicious activity, sharing clear and easy-to-understand communications to merchants to empower them, and improving how we respond to reports of fraud.

"We strive to make DoorDash a safe and dependable place for merchants to do business, and are constantly working to strengthen our defenses to stay a step ahead of the bad actors,” said David Reiff, Head of Merchant Integrity at DoorDash. “This latest update helps further crack down on fraud and protects millions of dollars of our merchants’ hard-earned income."

Enhanced risk detection technology - DoorDash has invested heavily in sophisticated real-time monitoring technology to prevent, detect, and respond to fraudulent activity on the platform. We use a variety of risk-related data signals to detect signs of potential fraudulent behavior, which triggers a request for merchants to re-verify their identity, and ensure they are who they say they are. To further strengthen our capability, we’ve integrated even more data sources to increase our risk intelligence and check all account details against the latest list of known fraud. If fraud is detected, we will flag accounts for any aberrant behavior that indicates they might not be the legitimate business owner.

Multi-layer verification - As an extra safeguard, we implemented an additional layer of verification when there is a request to change sensitive banking or payment details. If we detect potential suspicious activity, we will notify the merchant and request they contact Support to verify their identity and confirm they intended to perform the action.

Image: Mx portal feed card notifying of payments issue

Real-time communications - We know how busy merchants are while running their businesses, and that’s why we want to make it easy for them to get the information they need, when they need it. While we regularly update merchant partners about fraud risks and the steps they can take to protect their account, we're going a step further by investing in real-time notifications to ensure they are informed about the latest fraud risks and empower them to take action to protect themselves.

Image: Email template about identity verification

Enhanced fraud escalation processes - We have also rolled out additional specialist training for our merchant fraud team and further streamlined our escalation processes to help respond to reports even faster and more effectively. When we become aware of potential fraud or merchant impersonation, we will proactively launch an investigation, permanently deactivate the account if we confirm it is fraudulent, partner with law enforcement if appropriate, and review the case to learn how to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.

We’re constantly working to improve our fraud detection measures, keeping up with evolving fraudulent behaviors, and finding innovative ways to protect the DoorDash community. If you become aware of potential fraudulent activity, reach out to DoorDash Merchant Support via the Merchant Portal by email, or by phone. By following these guidelines, DoorDash Merchant Support can help you resolve any issue you may have.