How We’re Responding to Seattle’s New Delivery Laws

Seattle will implement major changes to the way delivery platforms operate in the city

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Despite the best efforts of countless community leaders, small business owners, and advocates, Seattle will implement major changes to the way delivery platforms operate in the city effective January 13, 2024. Throughout this process, we warned the City that while well-intentioned, these extreme policy changes would have adverse effects on all members of our community–Dashers, merchants, and consumers.

Implementing new minimum pay requirements
Dashers who deliver in Seattle will now earn at least $26.40 per hour, before tips, plus mileage for time on delivery–far exceeding Seattle minimum wage. This rate excludes tips and is just a minimum, so Dashers still have the opportunity to earn more than the minimum. Dasher earnings will be reviewed following completion of each accepted offer to ensure that Dasher pay meets the earnings minimum, and any Dashers who earn below the required minimum will receive a pay adjustment.

Introducing a new regulatory response fee
In the coming days, consumers located in Seattle or ordering from a Seattle merchant will see new fees at checkout to help cover the costs of these new regulations. In order to better balance the impact of these new costs and provide the best experience for consumers, we’re also reducing the suggested tip amounts on each order.

We know tips are still an important way for consumers to show Dashers their appreciation, and consumers will still have the option to tip any amount they choose. As always, 100% of a consumer’s tip goes to the Dasher.

Implementing changes to platform access that may result in fewer work opportunities for Dashers
Per Seattle regulations, all Dashers beginning work in Seattle can DashNow at any time. As a result, more Dashers may be available for offers at the same time and each Dasher’s wait for an offer will likely be longer than in other jurisdictions. This means Dashers will likely receive fewer offers while dashing in Seattle.

Terminating our Top Dasher and Priority Access programs
As required by new regulations, Top Dasher status will no longer benefit Dasher offers or earnings potential in Seattle. We understand that this is a valued program for many Dashers, and it will still be available outside of Seattle. Additionally, we will be terminating our Priority Access program for Seattle Dashers, which gives Dashers who have high ratings priority on higher-paying offers.

What Merchants can expect
Due to the changes above, merchants may experience significant declines in order volume as well as negative impacts to service. Some merchants will now also be required to provide additional information about items for delivery–and to reduce confusion and added costs for merchants and consumers–we will also be limiting the ability of consumers to place orders with Seattle merchants while outside the city.

We know that these are significant changes to the way users currently experience the platform, and we will continue to seek feedback on important topics like app functionality, new features, and public policy. We are working to communicate these changes as quickly as possible to Dashers, consumers, and merchants in Seattle to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. This major policy shift is unprecedented, and we will continue working to chart the best path forward for the communities we serve by testing and reviewing any changes we make.

Our hope is that moving forward, the City of Seattle and policymakers throughout the country will work with us to provide a better experience for Dashers, consumers, and merchants that will help empower local economies in the communities we serve.