Chief Restaurant Advisor

Introducing Chef Michael Solomonov as Chief Restaurant Advisor

The James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef behind Zahav and Federal Donuts will serve a one-year term advocating for restaurant needs and connecting directly with industry operators.

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Introducing DoorDash’s Biggest App Updates in a Decade

DoorDash unveils new features for consumers, merchants, and Dashers at inaugural Dash Forward 2023 product showcase.

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A celebration of our very first Dashiversary as a company, which was celebrated at a park in Palo Alto.

DoorDash Celebrates its 10th Dashiversary!

To celebrate DoorDash's 10th anniversary, CEO and Co-founder Tony Xu shared a thoughtful note with employees.

Earnings Standard Hero Image

The Impact Of Today’s Disappointing Earnings Standard Decision In NYC

Today, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection announced a deeply misguided minimum earnings standard for delivery workers in New York City. This is the result of political posturing and an ill-considered policy passed by the City Council that has been exacerbated by a broken process run by DCWP.

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Dasher Phone

Setting the record straight on a baseless lawsuit

This past week, several stories have been published about false allegations from a baseless lawsuit against DoorDash. Let’s set the record straight: DoorDash does not charge more based on the type of phone you use. Period.

Flower Shop

Mother’s Day 2023 Makes History for DoorDash As The Largest Non-Restaurant Delivery Day Ever

Since launching flowers just one year ago, DoorDash has delivered over 1.2M orders from flower shops. This past Mother’s Day week, DoorDash delivered over 200,000 orders from flower shops and over 20,000 balloons. Mother’s Day this year turned out to be DoorDash’s top sales day ever for non-restaurant verticals and is the most popular floral delivery day of the yea