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Can Dashing Help Foster Entrepreneurship?

There is a growing body of evidence that work like dashing can help get new businesses off the ground. This blog post digs into the latest research and stats.

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A Look At Local Impact With Responsible Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol delivery on DoorDash enables merchants to grow their business, creates earnings opportunities for Dashers and prioritizes safety in our communities.

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How Accessibility and Flexibility Empower Women

Although Dashers of all genders overwhelmingly prefer to maintain their independent contractor status, this is especially true for women. This blog post explores why.

3 min read
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Building Affordable Access: How DoorDash Caters to Every Wallet

Millions nationwide use DoorDash not just for convenience but for affordable access to meals and items otherwise out of reach. Dive in below to learn more.


Is Dashing a Substitute for Traditional Employment?

One of the misconceptions about dashing is that people turn to dashing only when they can’t find a “traditional” job. However, data suggests otherwise.


Owning their Time: How Dashers Weave Delivering into Their Everyday Lives

We know that Dashers come to DoorDash for the ability to complete orders and earn when they want but what about their time between orders? We dive into what other activities they do during their inactive time on the app.