Listening to Dashers to Make Dashing Even Better

We’re excited to share an update on how Dashers are informing the work we’ve done – and will continue to do – to make the dashing experience even better

Dasher Walking With Red Bag
  • Today, we’re excited to share an update on how Dashers are informing the work we’ve done – and will continue to do – to make the dashing experience even better

  • Our Dasher-first approach is focused on ensuring that what we’re building is as helpful and relevant to as many Dashers as possible

  • By working with the Dasher Community Council and talking to the Dasher community at large on a regular basis, we also know that there are areas for improvement

We’re proud that millions of people turn to DoorDash to reach their goals by earning what they need, when they need it, on their own terms. And while we’ve announced dozens of updates to the dashing experience over the last several years, we also know that there’s always room for improvement. It’s why we’re constantly listening to Dashers as we make dashing even better, and why we take a Dasher-first approach to make sure that our constant work on the dasher experience makes it as relevant and helpful to as many people as possible.

A crucial way we do this is through DoorDash’s Dasher Community Council (DCC), a representative, diverse group of Dashers that provides invaluable insights and feedback. Since launching in 2019, the DCC has acted as a consistent sounding board, whether helping us brainstorm solutions to ongoing challenges, helping us perfect and fine-tune upcoming product updates, or keeping us honest about the biggest pain points the Dasher community faces. Beyond the DCC, our teams are constantly asking Dashers for their feedback and testing out the Dasher app themselves through our flagship WeDash program. Before we launch a new product, we leverage both the DCC and direct conversations with Dashers to make sure we’re hitting the right mark.

Today, we’re excited to share an update on the important work the DCC has done in the past year, what we’re hearing from the Dasher community at large, and how that’s informing the work we’re doing today to make dashing even better.

Post-Checkout Tipping

Last year, we introduced the biggest-ever update to how Dashers earn on the DoorDash platform. Part of that update was post-checkout tipping, which allows consumers to add a tip – or increase an existing one – directly in the DoorDash app, up to 30 days after delivery. That new feature was something that we developed and implemented as a direct result of feedback from DCC members, who wanted it to be easier for consumers to reward Dashers who go above and beyond:

“It’s an honor to be part of the DoorDash Community Council,” said Tamara, a DCC Member and Dasher from Sacramento, CA. “Through this experience, I helped implement important, helpful changes that gave customers the ability to leave a tip after their orders. That was something that was really important to me because – as someone who takes customer service seriously – I was essentially being tipped based on the customer's past experiences.”

Flexibility and Choice

Dashers continue to tell us that flexibility is their favorite part of dashing. As our business has continued to evolve beyond just restaurants, we’ve heard that Dashers want more choice and support when it comes to the types of offers they complete. We’re currently piloting a new in-app preferences experience, which allows Dashers to opt in and out of various delivery types, like grocery and alcohol. In addition, the in-app experience helps Dashers complete the necessary requirements to become eligible for these order types – like acquiring a pizza bag – all directly in the Dasher app. We’re continuing to test this new experience and are engaging with Dashers directly for their feedback as we go.

Dasher Safety

The DCC has provided crucial insights into how they use our existing safety tools and partnered with us to help ensure new feature launches are impactful and relevant. Dashing at night, for example, is an area where we know Dashers have a heightened concern for safety. Last year, we launched in-app porch-light reminders based on this feedback, letting customers know to turn on their lights as Dashers are approaching. Earlier this year, we launched SafeChat+, leveraging AI to review in-app conversations to detect and prevent verbal abuse or harassment to help Dashers feel even safer. We’re constantly looking for ways to make dashing even safer – more than 99.99% of all deliveries on the DoorDash platform take place without a safety incident at all, but our teams are constantly trying to reduce safety incidents even further.

“I really appreciate real time location sharing to have peace of mind as well as safety alerts. Knowing that I can get in touch with an agent from ADT who will stay on the phone with me or alert 911 services with critical details like my location is really awesome.” -Evgeny K from Los Angeles


Dashers have told us that there’s room for improvement in our current deactivations process. While we know that no process will ever be perfect, our teams are working to make our deactivations process even more clear and transparent. We look forward to sharing an update on this important topic soon.

Safe and Trusted Platform

We have rigorous screening processes in place to ensure that every Dasher is who they say they are. However, we’ve heard from Dashers that they’re frustrated with seeing bad actors find ways to get onto the platform. In April, we reaffirmed our commitment to maintaining a safe and trusted platform, including our ongoing efforts to ensure that Dashers are who they say they are. We are continuing to work on new and innovative ways to make our screening process even more sophisticated.

Perks and Discounts

We’ve heard clear feedback from the DCC that Dasher-exclusive discounts are helpful and valuable, but that they want a more streamlined process for being able to redeem them. As a result, we’re currently working on making our discounts even more relevant – especially in categories like gas and automotive – and are exploring an in-app experience to make it even easier for Dashers to save.