DoorDash Applauds Introduction of Virginia Bill to Ensure Access to Portable Benefits for Dashers

Bill could expand access to fund for Dashers to save for retirement, cover healthcare costs, or compensate for lost income.

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Technology has created new economic opportunities for millions of Americans who want to earn extra money on their own terms and schedule. We’re committed to working with policymakers to protect independent work, while also establishing access to benefits for workers that are proportional to the amount that they choose to work, portable between work on different platforms, and flexible to meet their unique needs.

We know the overwhelming majority of Dashers already receive benefits like healthcare or retirement savings from another job or loved one, but some may still lack these important benefits that are historically tied to employment.

That’s why we were thrilled to see Virginia Delegate Joshua E. Thomas (D-21) introduce HB 734 last week, legislation that will expand portable benefits for Dashers and other delivery workers. The bill will require companies like DoorDash to make a contribution match of an eligible Dasher’s earnings into a portable benefits account — one that enables them to save for retirement, cover health care costs, or compensate for lost income.

“Whether it’s to meet a savings goal or help pay their bills, dashing fills a unique role for thousands of people across Virginia, and our policies should reflect that,” said Chad Horrell, DoorDash’s Senior Manager of Government Relations. “The introduction of legislation to provide portable benefits for delivery workers in Virginia is an important and significant step towards this goal. This bill not only acknowledges the evolving landscape of work, but puts forward an approach that is tailored to the way Dashers use platforms like ours without sacrificing the flexibility that draws so many people to this work in the first place.”

There are growing legislative efforts to provide independent contractors with portable benefits. We’re grateful to Delegate Thomas for his leadership and look forward to working with policymakers in Virginia and other states across the country on finding solutions that fit the unique needs of Dashers in the weeks ahead.