Delivering More Flexibility and Choice for Dashers

Announcing new earning modes, ways to maximize earning potential, and increased peace of mind for Dashers.

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Post-checkout tipping

Over the past decade, more than 13 million Dashers have turned to DoorDash for help reaching their financial goals by earning supplemental income how, when and where they want – and they’ve earned over $35 billion doing it.

Today, we’re excited to announce the biggest-ever update to the way Dashers earn by providing them with the ability to choose between two ways to earn: Earn by Time or Earn Per Offer. In addition, we’re helping Dashers maximize earning potential with Dash Along the Way and post-checkout tipping, and providing even greater peace of mind with SafeDash Location Sharing.

Delivering More Ways to Earn

Earn by Time is an all-new, industry-leading earning mode where Dashers earn a guaranteed hourly minimum rate for time spent on a delivery – from the moment they accept an offer until it’s dropped off – plus 100% of tips.

We know there are Dashers who prioritize reliability in their earnings, who simply want to get on the road and dash with an exact, upfront idea of how much they’ll earn for the time it takes to complete an order. Earn by Time was developed precisely with those Dashers in mind.

Earn by Time

The guaranteed hourly rate is shown at the start of a dash, allowing Dashers who proactively choose this option to see exactly how much they’ll earn per hour on delivery. We’ve invested significantly in Earn by Time to create a rewarding, valuable option for those Dashers who prioritize consistency when dashing.

Earn Per Offer is the same earning mode that Dashers have come to know and love, with some exciting updates that reflect the way our business has evolved over the past decade and give Dashers even more choice on the road.

Today, Dashers have more choice than ever when it comes to how they want to earn. They can go beyond facilitating single orders from single restaurants – from in-store shopping to package pickup. As always, when a Dasher earns per offer, they’ll still be shown the upfront guaranteed minimum amount they can expect to earn on that offer – and keep 100% of tips on top.

At the start of every dash where Earn by Time is available, Dashers can choose which earning mode they want to use – and at any time, they can end their dash and start in a new one when available.

Maximizing Earning Potential

Regardless of how they choose to earn, we know that Dashers value efficiency and want to maximize their earnings every time they decide to dash. That’s why we’re introducing Dash Along the Way, which allows Dashers to select where they want to start dashing and receive offers that will take them directly there. We know Dashers regularly commute to their favorite zones to start dashing, and we want that time to be valuable – with Dash Along the Way, we’re helping Dashers reduce downtime and maximize efficiency on the road.

We’re also expanding opportunities for customers to reward Dashers for excellent service with post-checkout tipping, which enables customers to add a tip – or increase an existing one – directly in the DoorDash app, up to 30 days after delivery.

Post checkout tipping

While customers can still tip at checkout like they’ve become accustomed to, this option expands the in-app tipping moments and ensures that regardless of a customer’s unique tipping preferences and habits, they’re able to easily reward Dashers for their great service. With this new feature, we’re also implementing new nudges and reminders to encourage customers to tip after delivery.

Even More Peace of Mind

Safety has and will continue to be a top priority for us at DoorDash. We’re always working to make dashing even safer and since November 2022 we’ve launched eleven new safety features including Real-Time Safety Alerts and SafeChat. These initiatives build on our existing safety features including free occupational accident insurance for Dashers and our in-app safety toolkit, SafeDash.


Today, we’re excited to introduce Location Sharing to give Dashers even more peace of mind. With this feature, Dashers can share their location in real time with up to 5 trusted contacts. Those contacts can track their loved one in real time – they’ll see if they’re on a dash, if a dash has ended, or if emergency assistance has been requested.

Thanking and Recognizing the Most Loyal Dashers

As we celebrate this major milestone for DoorDash, one thing is clear: Dashers have been core to our mission, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all they’ve done to help us empower local economies.

That’s why, to thank and celebrate the most loyal Dashers, we’ve given a one-time gift of $10,000 to Dashers who joined the DoorDash platform in the early years, have completed more than 10,000 deliveries, and are still actively earning on the platform today.

As DoorDash has evolved over the years, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to providing millions of people the ability to reach their financial goals by earning supplemental income how, when and where they want. We’re honored to continue this mission by providing Dashers with unprecedented choice in how they earn, helping them maximize their earnings on our platform, and providing them with even greater peace of mind. As with any changes we make, we will continue listening to and engaging with Dashers to ensure we continue to provide our communities with the best possible experience on our platform.