DoorDash Launches E-Bike Safety Training in Canada

DoorDash launches new training as part of industry-leading commitment to identifying solutions to address e-mobility safety.

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Canadian Dashers are increasingly turning to e-bikes as a greener, leaner option for delivery. E-mobility devices have become a critical tool at a time when we are collectively looking for ways to address climate change, reduce car congestion, improve sustainability, move goods safely across cities and expand options for workers to bring in extra income.

At DoorDash, our goal is to help ensure these tools remain accessible to all – while addressing real safety concerns. That’s why we’ve launched a new online e-bike safety course and made it available for all interested Dashers.

The course covers key e-bike safety themes, including:

  • Best practices for safely riding around the city

  • E-bike battery safety, storage, and charging

  • Best practices for choosing and maintaining safe gear

While we're committed to improving safety, we also know that we can't solve these problems alone. Education is crucial, but it does not address the root cause of important safety issues - such as the lack of dedicated places to ride or park or easy availability of uncertified products. It is critical that we continue improving the cityscape to adapt to micromobility and close regulatory gaps to ensure everyone has access to safe devices.

DoorDash has shared a letter with the City of Toronto in response to a recent decision to pursue a micromobility strategy for the city in order to continue improving infrastructure, and better regulate micromobility vehicle and battery safety standards, testing, and labeling. DoorDash shares a commitment to continue working with policymakers at the city, transportation advocates, community leaders, and other stakeholders to help solve these complex problems and achieve our shared goals in a way that keeps our city safe and our local economies strong.

E-bike safety starts with having the highest standards for components like batteries and we continue to provide resources to our Dashers to make sure they can access reliable, safe gear. In Toronto, where we nearly doubled non-car deliveries from Spring to Summer, DoorDash is pleased to partner with Zoomo to offer Dashers access to its fleet of certified e-bikes. Toronto Dashers can access a discount of $60 off Zoomo subscription plans. We also offer discounted purchase and service of two-wheelers through Repairandrun, including but not limited to e-bikes, scooters, parts, and accessories.

DoorDash is committed to delivering by bike to help Dashers save on costs, make faster deliveries that help them earn more, and reduce our carbon footprint.

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