Chief Restaurant Advisor

Introducing Chef Michael Solomonov as Chief Restaurant Advisor

The James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef behind Zahav and Federal Donuts will serve a one-year term advocating for restaurant needs and connecting directly with industry operators.

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DoorDash PR TheDashers

Dashers Assemble: DoorDash Partners with Marvel Entertainment to Launch “The Dashers”

DoorDash and Marvel have teamed up to celebrate everyday heroes – Dashers!

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Pinky Cole

DoorDash Appoints Restaurateur Pinky Cole As New Chief Restaurant Advisor

DoorDash is honored to announce that Pinky Cole, Founder of Atlanta-based vegan hamburger chain Slutty Vegan, has today begun her year-long role as Chief Restaurant Advisor.

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Supporting Local Businesses and Communities in a Time of Need

Today, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, one that requires all of us to take measures above and beyond what we previously could have imagined. What I have witnessed over the past couple of weeks has been nothing less than extraordinary. It has been humbling to watch DoorDash merchants, customers, and Dashers come together to support each other. I want to share an update with you about our continued efforts to make sure that everyone in our communities is well fed and well cared for.