DoorDash Joins With Responsibility.org To Strengthen Commitment To Safe Alcohol Delivery

We're proud to join with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org) in developing and committing to new Core Four principles for responsible alcohol delivery.

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With more consumers than ever having access to alcohol delivery, we understand the importance of continuing to build upon our industry-leading standards that help ensure safe and compliant delivery at every step of the process. 

We’re always working closely with policymakers, regulators, community leaders, merchants, and other stakeholders to help ensure our services meet the highest safety standards in the states where we operate.

That’s why we’re proud to join with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org) in developing and committing to the Core Four principles for responsible alcohol delivery:

  1. Confirm alcohol deliveries are only to those over the minimum legal drinking age of 21.

  2. Prevent delivery to those underaged, intoxicated, or where prohibited by law.

  3. Provide education on safe alcohol delivery to individuals that deliver alcohol.

  4. Implement policies to comply with these standards.

Responsibliity.org Core Four Principles

When it comes to delivering alcohol, nothing is more important to DoorDash than safety. The principles that make up the Core Four have long guided our efforts have have helped us continue to lead the industry forward on our alcohol delivery safety protocols, including:

  • Rigorous Scanning Protocols: Our state-of-the-art ID verification process requires that IDs are always scanned and verified at the point of delivery — in many cases going above what is used for a typical in-store transaction.

  • Safety Compliance Modules: Our alcohol safety compliance module for Dashers provides detailed guidelines on how to safely and responsibly deliver alcohol. This module offers clear tips and best practices for managing alcohol deliveries, such as how to check for a valid ID and the typical signs of a fraudulent ID.

  • Enhanced Returns Flow: Our improved returns process makes it even easier for Dashers to return the alcohol to the store if a delivery cannot be completed for any reason, such as if the consumer is underage or not home. If a delivery cannot be completed, Dashers are provided with step-by-step prompts to return the alcohol to the store and will be paid for the whole trip, including the original pay plus more for the return.

  • Empowering Consumers With Choice: Importantly, we know that there are still some consumers who don't want alcohol delivered on our platform. That’s why we also have a voluntarily self-exclusion list so consumers can easily stop seeing alcohol via our Marketplace platform.

As even more policymakers explore ways to bring responsible alcohol delivery to their communities, we stand ready to work with them to help ensure everyone can enjoy responsibly and encourage others to join us in the effort.


To learn more about how we facilitate the sale and delivery of alcohol responsibly and compliantly, visit our Help Center. If you do not wish to receive alcohol items on DoorDash, click here.