Allan Gardens Food Bank Community Credits

Supporting Toronto's Allan Gardens Food Bank With Community Credits

DoorDash Canada provides $5,000 in Community Credits to support people experiencing food insecurity in Downtown Toronto.

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Alcohol Delivery Featured Image

DoorDash Joins With To Strengthen Commitment To Safe Alcohol Delivery

We're proud to join with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( in developing and committing to new Core Four principles for responsible alcohol delivery.

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Mx - Entreprenuership & Access - Disaster Relief Fund

DoorDash Announces $440,000 in Relief Grants for Restaurants Impacted by Disasters

In 2023, DoorDash has awarded relief grants to 44 restaurants in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

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Making Retirement Savings Accessible for Independent Workers: DoorDash Supports the Retirement Savings for Americans Act

DoorDash is supporting the bipartisan Retirement Savings for Americans Act. The bill would empower workers who don’t have or can't access retirement plans to save for retirement through a government-sponsored retirement savings program.

Acc Local Restaurants NY NJ1

Announcing the Newest Accelerator for Local Restaurants Cohorts

DoorDash is introducing the new cohorts of Accelerator for Local Restaurants participants, all based in New Jersey and New York City.

Grilling stock photo

Kicking off Grilling Season with Sizzling Insights

With more than 73% of Americans stating that grilling is a must-do summer activity,* we took a look at grocery shopping trends surrounding the one item no cookout is complete without: burgers. Just in time for the ultimate grilling weekend crossover – National Burger Day (5/28) and Memorial Day here’s what we found: