DoorDash Debuts Seamless Self-Serve Integration Onboarding Capabilities

Partnerships with ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect significantly reduce onboarding time and manual action required for restaurateurs looking to join DoorDash Marketplace.

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Self-Serve Integration Onboarding with ItsaCheckmate

As many restaurateurs wear multiple hats daily while running their small and medium sized business, DoorDash is constantly in pursuit of ways to add value and reduce the amount of time operators are managing their restaurant’s tech stack. One core way we’re fulfilling this commitment is by unveiling Self-Serve Integration Onboarding, enabling select restaurant partners to join the DoorDash Marketplace in days – not weeks – directly from point of sale partner platforms ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect.

“Between juggling on-premise dining and off-premise operations, restaurateurs are strapped for time and often don’t have additional resources to devote to troubleshooting onboarding,” said Ruth Isenstadt, Head of US Restaurants at DoorDash. “Partnering with ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect to enable thousands of restaurants to start connecting with customers on DoorDash quickly is one way we’re innovating to set an even stronger foundation for early days on our platform.”

Restaurants in the United States can now experience a more seamless onboarding experience to DoorDash via their point of sale integration. Roughly four in five restaurants onboarding to DoorDash via Self-Serve Integration Onboarding with ItsaCheckmate or Deliverect are able to join the platform without direct interaction with an onboarding representative.

“Unveiling self-serve onboarding optionality with DoorDash enables restaurants to more effortlessly activate their business on DoorDash Marketplace – connecting them nearly instantaneously with diners looking for a bite to eat via the nation’s leading food delivery service ” said Brett Jones, Vice President of Product Development, ItsaCheckmate. “Our partnership with DoorDash has enabled us to provide this cutting-edge feature, which will surely provide our customers with significant benefits, including time savings and increased revenue.”

Once restaurants are onboarded via their point of sale, restaurant operators can manage their subsequent orders and menu updates directly. Self-Serve Integration Onboarding with ItsaCheckmate or Deliverect can reduce onboarding time for restaurants looking to join DoorDash by up to 86%.

“Onboarding to DoorDash via Deliverect was a quick and seamless process, which allowed me to start accepting online orders within minutes,” said Diego Rivero, Director of Operations at Qargo Coffee. “As an operator, I’m eager to spend time investing in providing the best hospitality possible for guests, opposed to spending time in lengthy sales cycles.”

Point of sale providers interested in adopting Self-Serve Integration Onboarding to improve the restaurateur experience can contact their DoorDash Technical Account Manager. DoorDash will be partnering with more point of sale providers in the months to come to offer a seamless onboarding experience to even more partners.