DoorDash Kicks Off Football Season with New Campaign and Game Day Deals

DoorDash is making sure you don’t fumble this football season with exciting game day deals and a new multi-platform campaign.

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From rooting for the underdog’s majestic comeback to celebrating your alma mater’s big win, football remains a pivotal thread that connects communities. Whether tuning in to watch your team take the win over a shared meal, or hosting the ultimate game day watch party equipped with matching jerseys, DoorDash is making sure you don’t fumble this football season with exciting game day deals. All season long, DoorDash is offering savings on everything you need to celebrate every coin flip, touchdown, and moment in between, without missing a single second of the game.

Announced today, DoorDash is launching “Timeout, Order In”, an integrated campaign aimed to help fans stay tuned into the game by featuring exciting ways to save between plays. DoorDash customers can tune in all season long to unlock deals from football favorites like Auntie Anne’s, DICK’s Sporting Goods, Little Caesars, Pepsi-Cola® Beverages, Wendy’s, and many more.

Below are just a sample of the best game day deals to help you become the MVP this football season, only on DoorDash:*

  • $5 off orders $20+ with purchase of Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich, or Queso Fries at Wendy’s, exclusively for DashPass members until October 1 (excluding Wednesdays).

  • 40% off, up to $25, at DICK’s Sporting Goods until September 30

  • $5 off orders $25+ at Little Caesars from September 28 - October 2

  • $5 off orders $25+ at Hungry Howie's until November 20

  • $3 off orders $20+ with Pepsi® on Sundays until September 24

  • $5 off orders $25+ at Auntie Anne’s, exclusively for DashPass members from September 23 - 24

To bring the campaign to life, DoorDash teamed up with actor and football fan Brendan Hunt to create more than eight variations of unique, comedic ad spots. Football watching can be intense – keeping up with multiple games, oftentimes across multiple screens. While several commercial breaks happen throughout the game, “Timeout, Order In” takes the typical game time break a step further with a simple premise: the game clock stopping is the perfect time to order. Inspired by the natural habit of people spending time on their phone during commercial breaks, the ads serve as an intentional time out, creating a seamless way to browse the best deals by simply scanning a QR code that takes you directly to DoorDash from your phone – allowing football fans more time to focus on the action when the game is actually happening. The campaign will debut across national TV, digital, and social media during this weekend’s games.

Fall Football 2023

To celebrate the start of football season, DoorDash also took a look at game day order trends to see which food fandom reigns supreme. DoorDash’s order trends are based on order data during game day last football season.**

  • Making Pizza Plays: With Pizza remaining a top ordered food during football season, consumers tend to lean more traditional when it comes to the beloved dish. Classic Pepperoni and Cheese come out on top, however the Motor City classic is revving up into consumer’s hearts (and stomachs), coming in at number four.

  • Toppings Touchdown: When it comes to pizza topping add ons, consumers are more adventurous with mushrooms being the most popular add on! Despite intense debate, Pineapple continues to make a name for itself in the pizza world as the second most popular add on. When it comes to regional favorites, the most popular add ons vary, with the Northeast loving onions and Southeast favoring green peppers. The Midwest orders plenty of pineapples, while the Southwest prefers mushrooms. The West Coast rounds out the regions with a bundle of love for black olives!

  • Football FRYday: When it comes to game day foods, fries are in a league of their own. Waffle fries are the most ordered food nationwide during football season! Looking at the game day staple, the top ordered fries, in order, are waffle fries, cajun fries, carne asada fries, sweet potato fries, and curly fries.

  • This Season’s Matchups: For many, game day isn’t complete without a tasty beverage to accompany your favorite game day meal. In looking at DoorDash DoubleDash data, the age-old classic pizza and beer remains the top ordered food and drink combo, but an unsuspecting matchup awaits at the line of scrimmage – fries and wine!

Fall football infographic

See the full data findings below.

Top 10 Pizza Orders Nationwide 

  1. Pepperoni Pizza

  2. Cheesy Crust Pizza

  3. Cheese Pizza

  4. Detroit-Style Pizza 

  5. Pepperoni, Sausage, and Beef Pizza

  6. Hawaiian Pizza

  7. Supreme Pizza

  8. Sausage Pizza

  9. BBQ Chicken Pizza

  10. Veggie Pizza

Top 10 Pizza Add-ons Nationwide 

  1. Mushrooms

  2. Pineapple

  3. Bacon

  4. Black Olives

  5. Onions

  6. Green Pepper

  7. Ham

  8. Spinach

  9. Banana Peppers

  10. Basil

Top Pizza Topping Add-ons by Region 

  • Northeast – Onions

  • Southeast – Green Peppers

  • Midwest – Pineapple

  • Southwest – Mushrooms

  • West  – Black Olives

Top Ordered Fries Nationwide

  1. Waffle Fries

  2. Cajun Fries

  3. Carne Asada Fries

  4. Sweet Potato Fries

  5. Curly Fries

Top Ordered Food & Drink DoubleDash Combinations Nationwide

  1. Pizza & Beer

  2. Fries & Wine

  3. Wings & Seltzer 

Top 10 Game Day Foods Nationwide

  1. Waffle Fries

  2. Boneless Wings 

  3. Mozzarella Sticks

  4. Chips and Queso

  5. Cheese Quesadilla

  6. Chili

  7. Caesar Salad

  8. Pepperoni Pizza

  9. Submarine Sandwich

  10. Fried Pickles 

*Terms apply. See DoorDash app or website for details.

**Methodology: The Fall Football Top Ordering Trends report was generated by leveraging order data on Thursdays - Mondays from September 8, 2022 to February 12, 2023.