Introducing Self-Serve Ad Solutions for CPG Brands to Reach New Customers During Everyday Shopping Occasions

Today, we’re introducing new self-serve ad solutions designed to give CPGs more flexibility and options to reach nearly every household in America.

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We’ve built the largest local commerce platform in North America, and our goal is to help CPGs tap into DoorDash’s 25M+ monthly active customers across our broad network of 75,000+ convenience, grocery, and retail stores, at the point of sale to drive incremental purchases. New self-serve ad products include CPG ads manager, third-party platform partnerships with Pacvue and Flywheel, and API integrations, with self-serve Sponsored Listings expanding to Canada and Australia.

“As we continue to build the ad platform for local, our goal is to connect every store, and brand within each store to every local consumer,” said Toby Espinosa, Vice President, DoorDash Ads. “Ads on DoorDash continue to be a trusted way for consumers to discover new businesses and products that are relevant to them for every shopping occasion. With today’s news, we’re excited to bring digital ads to brands of all sizes with innovative and flexible solutions.”

Self-Serve Ads Manager for CPGs

Our self-serve platform for DoorDash Ads Manager empowers CPGs to directly activate, manage, and measure Sponsored Product ads on DoorDash. Sponsored Products are item-level placements throughout the Convenience and Grocery marketplace that connect DoorDash consumers with the brands they love. We’re focused on driving incremental revenue for our partners, and on average see that more than 50% of orders generated from ads on DoorDash come from new customers.* This was true for Clorox, who ran a recent campaign with us and saw that half of the customers who ordered products from their ads campaign did so for the first time on DoorDash.**

Third-Party Platform Management with Pacvue and Flywheel

As we build a collaborative and flexible ad platform, CPG brands can also access DoorDash ads through third-party platforms Pacvue—a leading enterprise software solution for brands and DoorDash’s first-to-market partner, and Flywheel—a white-glove, full-service digital commerce agency.

“We were excited to be one of the first brands to access DoorDash Ads through Pacvue. The brands we promoted experienced strong sales lift compared to prior months. We’ll continue to tap into DoorDash’s platform to reach customers at the point of sale to drive incremental purchases.” – Jennifer Flemming, Performance Marketing Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

API Integration for In-house Management

We’re excited to introduce an option for CPGs to build on DoorDash’s API and manage in-house. PepsiCo is one of our first partners to integrate our API into its own proprietary Ads Management Platform.

Multiple Touchpoints for the DoorDash CPG Ads Platform

CPG partners can access and manage DoorDash ads however they choose as they market their products to new and loyal customers. We announced last year a suite of ad products including Banners, Promotions, and Sponsored Listings, and with the introduction of Sponsored Products, we are now enabling CPGs to boost their brands on DoorDash’s most visible surfaces:

  • Collections help consumers discover products with ads appearing on curated aisles across multiple stores.

  • With Categories, brands can boost products at the top of category results like snacks or drinks as consumers are browsing.

  • Through Search, brands can capture high-intent consumers searching for products by appearing at the top of DoorDash’s search results.

Collections, Categories, and Search allow brands to connect with consumers at every point across their path to purchase, providing the opportunity for both incremental sales and category share growth.

Expanding Self-serve Sponsored Listings Globally

In every market, our goal remains the same: to grow and empower local economies by providing access to opportunity. Today, we’re expanding self-serve Sponsored Listings to Canada and Australia, helping local merchants increase their visibility, generate awareness, and find their next customer. On average, global small businesses advertising on DoorDash see a 10% increase in sales.*** Merchants such as Ono Poke in Canada and Seoul Bistro in Australia have seen incremental growth since they began leveraging DoorDash ads.

We work with all of the top 10 CPG manufacturers in the US, and in just one year, we’ve generated more than $3B in sales for merchants through ads and promotions.**** For consumers, ads on DoorDash are a trusted way to discover businesses and products that are relevant for every occasion. Ads are transparent in-app and will always be a seamlessly integrated shopping experience for consumers.

Brands can learn more about DoorDash’s CPG Ads Manager here and Sponsored Listings here.

*Average from January 2022 to June 2022

** May 2-16, 2022

***Q2 2022

****From July 2021 to June 2022