An Update on Our Work to Make DoorDash Even More Transparent and Affordable

We're committed to help ease the cost-of-living for consumers and further help ensure DoorDash remains affordable and accessible for all

Dasher delivering order to customers

DoorDash has become an essential, even daily, habit for so many people across the country, helping them save their precious time and money — whether it is a weeknight family meal, groceries for an elderly person, or a meal and medicine for a sick friend.

We want to be affordable and accessible for all Americans, and, with the cost-of-living still painfully high, this goal remains as important and urgent as ever. A recent survey from Gallup found that close to two-thirds of U.S. adults say recent price increases have caused financial hardship for their families.

A key part of accessibility is being open and upfront with consumers about what fees they will pay. We’re proud to be an industry leader on fee transparency and believe that by empowering consumers with information, they can make the best choices about how to spend and budget their money. On DoorDash, you'll always see what you will pay - including any and all fees - before you ever check out.

Last year, we announced actions we were taking to make our platform even more affordable and transparent by including additional in-app fee explainers and rolling back dozens of regulatory response fees. In addition, with $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders, our DashPass subscription service has collectively saved members over $10 billion globally since 2018.

Today we’re providing an update on our work to ease the cost-of-living for consumers and further help ensure DoorDash remains affordable and accessible for all:

  • Continuing to lower DoorDash fees. There are over 18 million consumers who are DashPass or Wolt+ members, paying $0 delivery fees (and reduced service fees for DashPass members) on eligible orders. Additionally, over the past two years, DoorDash has reduced fees for consumers who are not DashPass members by 12%, reflecting our efforts to continue making our platform more affordable for all. This represents significant savings for consumers at a time when prices across the wider economy were steadily rising.

  • Broadening access with SNAP / EBT payments in 2023. We are proud to continue to broaden food access to more than 11 million people who are living in USDA-defined food deserts. As part of this work, DoorDash began accepting SNAP / EBT payments with multiple grocery store partners with more than 4,000 locations nationwide last year. Since launching last year, over 1 in 10 SNAP deliveries on DoorDash have been made to consumers living in food deserts and 47% of SNAP deliveries on DoorDash have been made to consumers living in low-income communities. Consumers can also use their HSA and FSA funds to pay for over 30,000 HSA/FSA eligible products on DoorDash including select over-the-counter medicine, first aid supplies, and other health essentials.

  • Testing more features to help consumers save: While we already clearly display our fees and what consumers will pay before they check out, we’re constantly exploring ways to be even more transparent and help consumers save. We’re currently testing different ways to further lower fees and better highlight affordable options on our platform. As with all pilots, we will closely consider the results before making any decisions about whether to roll the features out.

DoorDash is proud to serve Americans of all backgrounds and walks of life, and we’ll continue to look for additional ways to help ensure we remain affordable and accessible for all.