How We’re Testing New Features to help Promote Dasher Safety on the Road

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We take safety seriously, which is why we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help promote safe driving.

That’s why we’re piloting three new in-app safety tools aimed at equipping Dashers with even more features to help them stay safe while on the road.

“At DoorDash, our goal is to create the best possible experience for all Dashers and for the communities we serve, which is why we’re constantly working to help make every dash even safer. Testing these new features is another important step toward achieving this goal. We look forward to assessing Dasher feedback, and will continue to tirelessly work to further improve safety through innovation.”
– Austin Haugen, Vice President of Dasher Product

Driving Insights
DoorDash is piloting a new safety tool called Driving Insights, which uses the same location information already collected from a Dasher’s phone while dashing to identify rapid changes in braking and acceleration. Based on this data, Dashers will learn about their individual driving behaviors and can easily review things like braking and acceleration history for their most recent dash, or whether hard braking and rapid acceleration have changed over time. By empowering Dashers with more insights about their personal driving behaviors, we hope to help them gain more awareness of their habits, and in turn promote safe driving practices.

Driving Insights Screen Shot

Driving Insights has been available to Dashers in Phoenix and Salt Lake City since the pilot began in July. From these initial locations, we’ve already seen a positive response from Dashers.

Based on the encouraging response so far, we’ve expanded the Driving Insights pilot to 8 new US cities including Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, Charlotte and Palm Beach.

Apple CarPlay Integration
Earlier this year, we announced that we are piloting Apple CarPlay for the Dasher app in select markets. With CarPlay, drivers can sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s built-in entertainment and information systems, helping drivers use key apps while reducing phone interactions. Integrating the Dasher app with Apple CarPlay allows Dashers to seamlessly show the app’s navigation interface on their car’s built-in screens. This creates a more streamlined and seamless dashing experience, with less time focused on their phone and more time focused on the road. The pilot of Apple CarPlay is now available to Dashers in 17 US markets including Washington, D.C., Des Moines (IA), Sarasota (FL), Little Rock (AR), El Paso (TX), Huntsville (TN), Toledo (OH), Grand Rapids (MI), Rochester (NY), Myrtle Beach (SC), Reno (NV) and Augusta (GA).

Apple CarPlay Integration

Speed Limit Notification on In-App Navigation
When Dashers use in-app navigation in the Dasher app today, they are shown the posted speed limit for a given stretch of road. To further help Dashers, we’re enabling clear on-screen indicators that show Dashers their individual speed to compare to the posted speed limit. This new feature is now available to all Dashers who use in-app navigation.


Importantly, we take the privacy of all DoorDash users seriously and our pilots are being conducted in strict accordance with our Dasher Privacy Policy.

These new safety features build on several new safety features that were launched earlier this year, including reducing in-app notifications and communications while driving, rolling out one-tap responses to help Dashers focus on the road and complete orders safely, and making it simpler to decline orders.

We look forward to seeing the results and feedback from these new safety features. We will continue to design, test and launch safety features to make dashing even safer for all Dashers.