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Our Commitment to Maintaining a Safe and Trusted Platform

At DoorDash, we want every consumer, Dasher, and merchant to have a safe experience each time they use our platform.

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A Look At Local Impact With Responsible Alcohol Delivery

Alcohol delivery on DoorDash enables merchants to grow their business, creates earnings opportunities for Dashers and prioritizes safety in our communities.

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DoorDash Launches New AI-Powered Feature to Help Combat Chat Abuse and Harassment

SafeChat+ leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help make our platform even safer and provide a better experience for everyone.

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We are working to eliminate the carbon impact of DoorDash deliveries in Germany. We are investing in an eco-friendly fleet to power our deliveries, when available. We’re proud to provide e-bikes for couriers as part of this effort. 

Additionally, DoorDash is continually improving its technology to achieve routing and order batching efficiencies that, on average, result in lower estimated emissions compared to a customer driving a car to and from a restaurant to pick up an order.

Supporting and Strengthening E-Bike Safety Efforts

We were proud to submit a letter of support today on H.R. 1797 and help bring us closer to preventing unsafe batteries from entering the U.S. — an unacceptable outcome that must end.

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Helping Ensure A Safe Alcohol Delivery Experience For Our Entire Community

How we're expanding upon our industry-leading standards to help ensure safe and responsible alcohol delivery at every step of the process.

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How We’re Making Alcohol Deliveries Even Safer

Safety features rolled out in Massachusetts build on industry-leading efforts toward responsible and compliant alcohol delivery in the Commonwealth

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