Our Commitment to Maintaining a Safe and Trusted Platform

At DoorDash, we want every consumer, Dasher, and merchant to have a safe experience each time they use our platform.

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At DoorDash, we want every consumer, Dasher, and merchant to have a safe experience each time they use our platform. We deeply value the trust we’ve built within the DoorDash community for more than a decade, and take our commitment to maintain a safe and trusted platform extremely seriously.

To help ensure that Dashers are who they say they are and prevent access by individuals looking to abuse our platform, we’ve built a robust, multi-layered identity verification and safety screening process for anyone who wants to deliver through our platform.

Every prospective Dasher must verify their identity with a current, valid government ID. In addition, they must complete a background check through an accredited background check provider, using their Social Security Number. This includes a review of both criminal history and motor vehicle record (if dashing with a motor vehicle), before anyone can ever access the platform. As a continuing safety measure, we also rerun background checks for thousands of Dashers every week. If a Dasher cannot pass a background check or cannot verify their identity at sign up, they are not permitted to dash. Since 2014, more than 25 million background checks have been completed in the United States alone.

As part of our ongoing screening processes, we also require Dashers to re-verify their identity. Dashers are prompted to confirm their identity by submitting a real-time selfie which is then compared to their previously-submitted, valid government ID photo. Over 100,000 Dashers are required to re-verify their identity each week to help prevent account sharing and unauthorized access to the platform.

To be clear: there is no place on the DoorDash platform for those that can’t or won’t verify their identity. Every Dasher is required to have their own verified account.

We take all reports about safety – including identity – extremely seriously, and continue to work diligently to help ensure all Dashers are following the rules. If a consumer or merchant believes a Dasher who is completing an order is not who they claim to be, we encourage them to immediately contact support for assistance. While no system, however thorough or sophisticated, is perfect, we’re constantly working to bolster our safeguards and finding new, innovative ways to keep the DoorDash community even safer.