DoorDash Renews Its Commitment to US Department of Transportation's Call to Action Campaign

In support of the DOT’s campaign to reduce road safety injuries and fatalities, DoorDash is expanding its driving insights pilot nationwide to help Dashers stay even safer on the road.

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DoorDash strongly supports the life-saving work of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Call to Action campaign, which aims to reduce serious injuries and deaths on roadways across the country. We wholeheartedly agree that solving a collective problem requires a collective response, and that’s why we were proud to be among the first to respond to the call.

In our initial commitment, we announced six initiatives to further help Dashers stay safe while on the road. From reducing the number of in-app notifications while Dashers are driving, to making it even quicker and easier to decline orders and introducing simple one-tap messaging to reduce the number of phone interactions, we’re constantly looking for ways to make dashing even safer. Shortly after, we took further steps with additional safety initiatives, including enabling speed limit notifications for in-app navigation.

In total, DoorDash launched or expanded a total of nine road safety initiatives since the Call to Action campaign was first launched in early 2023. Today, to mark the campaign’s one-year anniversary, we’re proud to announce how we will build on these commitments and the progress we’ve made to date throughout 2024.

Based on the positive response we’ve seen from Dashers in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and Miami so far, we're rolling out Driving Insights as an available safety feature for all U.S. Dashers in 2024.

Driving Insights leverages location information to provide Dashers with information about their individual driving behaviors. Based on this information, Dashers can learn more about their hard braking and rapid acceleration tendencies during their most recent dash and how those tendencies change over time. By empowering Dashers with more insights, we will continue to help promote safe driving.

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Importantly, we will also continue to explore and test new safety initiatives to further help Dashers stay safe.